Designer: Sukime

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Available In Bali

The perfect earth friendly non-plastic bottle solution that is divided into 20 individual squares. Each square can lather your beautiful locks once or twice depending on the length & thickness of your mane.

A natural, organic, vegan & mineral rich shampoo bar nourishing your hair with Coconut Oil, Cocao Butter,  Shea Butter, Bamboo Charcoal, Bali Sea Salt & Essential Oils. 


Buoyant and beautiful hair Soften tangled locks and add shine with this mineral-rich, Bali sea salt volumizing shampoo. Like a trip to a blue lagoon, Sukime is made with the best ingredients from Bali to make your hair soft as silk from root to tips, and sea salt to give body and volume to hair that's fallen flat. One seriously sexy shampoo plus we added essential oils to soothe and excite. 

We use naturally-derived active ingredients to treat hair concerns, as opposed to harsh chemicals & toxins. These power-house bars, are scented using only 100% pure essential oils: specifically selected to work in combination with our active ingredients to produce salon-quality results, every time!
And most importantly, our hair bars are: color-safe, vegan, gluten, toxin, and cruelty-free!


Handmade Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Castor Oils, Handmade Cacao Butter, Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Bali Sea Salt, Moringa Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils saponified with Sodium Hydroxide.

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